Conference Program - Day One

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08:30 – 08:55 | Registration
09:00 -09:30 | Women Leaders: Shaping History in the 21st Century

This Keynote Presentation reveals the accelerating trends of women joining men in senior leadership positions, establishes the relationship of women leaders to our overall understanding of global leadership, and sets forth an agenda to accomplish much needed research and understanding.

09:30 -10:00 | A Day in life for a Hospital Manager

Running a hospital is not unlike running a city, and hospital administrators at times must strike a balance between the poise and charisma of a politician, the compassion and understanding of a nonprofit head, and the keen analytical skills and foresight of a savvy investor.

10:00 -10:30 | Coffee/Tea Break
10:30 -11:00 | Multiple Intelligences of Effective Women Global Leaders: Emotional, Social, and Cultural Competencies

The purpose of this session is to explicate how emotional, social, and cultural intelligences together contribute to the effectiveness of women as global leaders. It will delve on the concept of multiple intelligences and three competencies important for global leadership.

11:00 -11:30 | Advancing Women’s Executive Development

This session will look into current implications and practices of leadership development with a women-only focus for global women leaders. The presenter will discuss recommendations for positioning leadership development as a solution for the organizational advancement and promotion of women.

11:30 -12:00 | What Kind of Leader was Mrs. Thatcher? The Iron Lady

This session will discuss Margaret Thatcher who served as Britain's first female Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990. Her confidence, resilience, and uncompromising leadership style led her to reshape almost every aspect of British politics, from foreign policy to domestic economy.

12:00 -12:30 | Empowerment, Resilience & Progression

Power progression, maximise your potential and strengthen resilience with high-impact strategies which drive confident leadership styles

12:30 -13:00 | Balancing Professional vs. Home Life to Fulfill Potential

Promote and advocate for progressive leadership styles which tackle increased pressures and unrealistic expectations so women can thrive

13:00 -14:00 | Lunch Break
14:00 -14:30 | Showcase Impactful & Purpose-Driven Leadership

Establish a bespoke style tailored to your expertise to breaks moulds, empower teams, and fuel wider transformative change

14:30 -15:00 | The Power of Mentorship & Personal Branding

Inspire, drive and secure vital career progression by maximising mentorship opportunities and building an empowering personal brand

15:00 -15:30 | Level-Up, Break Barriers & Uncover Real-World Experiences

Push boundaries, defy stereotypes and empower self-mastery to hit your career goals and drive organisational changes

15:30 -16:00 | Overcome Self-Doubt, Combat Imposter Syndrome & Own the Room!

Take tangible steps to tackle toxic leadership cultures and imposter syndrome to drive career aspirations and personal growth

Conference Program - Day Two
08:30 – 08:55 | Registration
09:00 -09:30 | THRIVE

• Take control of their work and life now and in the future

• Have their voice heard in a way that’s meaningful to them

• Reconnect with who they are and all they have to offer

• Identify and challenge any limiting benefits that may be holding them back and find strategies to build their personal resilience

• Value themselves and what they need and want from work and life

• Engage, connect and build relationships with other women in the sectors

09:30 -10:00 | Inspirational & Empowering Leadership Journeys & Styles

Discover a plethora of leadership routes and journeys to power your next steps as an inspiring leader

10:00 -10:30 | Coffee/Tea Break
10:30 -11:00 | Upskilling, Mindsets, Attitudes & Confidence

Establish crucial mindset shifts and high-impact skills to embrace your strengths and drive self-improvement

11:00 -11:30 |Trailblazing CEOs Share Their Journeys!

Powerful women with powerful stories… uncover first-hand experiences, lessons learned and insights into their journeys to CEO

11:30 -12:00 | Women in Leadership: Turning Towards Possibility

This session will celebrate strengths and identify challenges. Participants will learn about specific, in-demand leadership skills we have learned that can help ground awareness for moving from where you are to where you want to be.

12:00 -12:30 | Leaning into Superwoman: A Multimedia Approach

Our brain is made up of 2 hemispheres, one of which governs language and the other of which governs visual perception and expression. The visual-perceptual part of our brain generates ideas and intuitions that only sometimes come to our conscious awareness.

12:30 -13:00 | Asking for What You Need: Advocating and Negotiating with Confidence

Have you ever considered asking for a promotion or negotiating with a vendor on deliverables, then quickly talked yourself out of it? What is holding you back? Effectively advocating and negotiating resources could impact achieving your goals and improving your organization's sustainability. In this session, participants will reflect on the barriers preventing them from asking for what they need, such as a lack of confidence, fear of rejection, or inexperience. Next, they’ll learn strategies to prepare and confidently communicate for effective negotiating.

13:00 -14:00 | Lunch Break
14:00 -14:30 |You Can't Do It All by Yourself: Being a Better Delegator

For women leaders, admitting we need help may lead to feelings of inadequacy or imposter syndrome. Alternatively, asking for help may seem like a burden rather than a relief. The more unnecessary tasks you have on your plate, the less time you have to work on achieving your goals. We’ll dig into the fear and worry holding you back and create a plan for you to start delegating consistently and successfully.

14:30 -15:00 |A Seat at the Table is not enough: Recognising and Addressing Micro-aggression

This session will introduce the concept of promoting psychological safety at work by recognizing micro aggressions, how they affect women and other underrepresented groups, and provide actionable strategies for disrupting micro aggressions to champion equity.