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The Advanced Group of Companies is keenly focused on the fire, rescue, hazmat and disaster management disciplines, in all their aspects. The Group owns and operates the following companies, most of which are household names in their respective industries:
• Industrial Fire & Hazard Control (www.industrialfire.co.za)
• Tsantsabane Fire &Mining Supplies - Kathu
• Kenru Fire - Kathu & Kimberley
• Rural Metro Emergency Management Services (www.ruralmetro.co.za)
• Medi-Response (https://mediresponse.co.za)
• Whip Fire (www.whipfire.co.za)
• IRCA Global (www.ircaglobal.com)
• Advanced Fire Suppression Technologies (www.advancedfst.co.za)
• FlameBlock (www.flameblock.co.za)
• Advanced Fire Global (https://advancedfireglobal.com)
Industrial Fire &Hazard Control is a bespoke manufacturer (The Home of Imagineering) of fire, rescue, hazmat and disaster management vehicles, trailers and skid mount unit. Industrial Fire &Hazard Control provides an integrated approach to the design and manufacture of the range of products manufactured in-house in the company. The superstructure is entirely designed, tested and hand assembled to the client's exact requirements and in accordance with the specifications issued at time of the bid/offer. Industrial Fire &Hazard Control's single source solution adds value by providing a fully engineered solution that offers durability, reliability, maintainability, performance and the highest level of quality in the industry in Africa. Industrial Fire &Hazard Control's connection with, and access to, the world's leading OEM in their various fields of expertise allows the company to remain abreast of all the technological developments in the world of fire &rescue. Access to these technologies and products allows Industrial Fire &Hazard Control to incorporate these into our product range thereby ensuring an effective and operationally sound product is delivered into the market.
Rural Metro Emergency Management Services (Pty) Ltd is the leading specialist in providing Fire Brigade Services, Training and Disaster Management Services, Fire Risk Management and Risk assessments on the African continent. Rural Metro operates a HazMat operational response in accordance with NFPA standards, incident mitigation and rehabilitation. Further services render by Rural Metro include, amongst others:

• Disaster Management Plans


• Policy Development

• Operational Disaster Response

• Legal Compliance

• Fire rescue Standby

• Emergency Evacuation Planning

• Fire Safety Consultations

• Integrated Incident Management

• Call-taking & Despatch

• Fire Investigations


Rural Metro also has an internationally accredited Training Academy providing the full gambit of firefighting, rescue, hazmat, occupational health & safety and disaster management courses. Rural Metro Emergency Management services is also the accredited agent for the following leading manufacturers.

DoseTech Fire specialises in foam proportioning technology &special risk firefighting hardware. Our innovative approach allows you to 'future proof' your investment. We have partnered with global brands FireDos, Akron Brass &Mueller to offer our clients renowned equipment &solutions. DoseTech offers professional advice on the selection &installation of its product ranges, as well as commissioning services, maintenance contracts &training.


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